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Powerdiverter is a smart device that automatically diverters excess solar energy to your hot water tank and then heats the water by utilising your existing heating element.
By adding a Powerdiverter to your PV system, it will manage your power usage in the most effective way and maximise your return on investment.
Powerdiverter is the lowest cost form of energy storage available!
PowerDiverter - Get hot water from Solar PV


Powerdiverter’s smart sensor continuously monitors the power usage within the home and when it detects excess solar electricity exporting back to the grid, it automatically send this excess power to the heating element within your hot water storage tank and then stores this energy as hot water. Powerdiverter will vary this excess power throughout the day depending on what excess power is available until the water within the tank is up to temperature.

Our systems sensor unit comes wired or wireless as standard to give you the maximum choice and flexibility when it comes to the installation.  No other system makes it this easy to install.

No plumbing required as it fits on to your existing heating element.

In most cases your electrician will not need to add any new electrical circuits as in most cases we can use the existing heat resistant immersion cable from the spur to the immersion.

Shipping costs and times are automatically calculated when you purchase your product. The price and delivery time may vary depending on the quantity and the delivery location.

In the unlikely event you are looking to return a faulty product, please email us on the following link support@powerdiverter.com and one of the team will respond shortly with instructions of what to do next.

If you not satisfied with your product and require a refund, please email support@powerdiverter.com and one of the team will email you shortly to advise you of the process.


£499 Fully Fitted anywhere in the UK!

£399 Unit Only - No Fitting

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Energy Storage

Powerdiverter products are the best way to store energy at the lowest cost. If you have already installed battery storage, Powerdiverter will work as a perfect partner to your storage system and will help store more of the energy you generate. If you are considering a battery storage system, by installing a Powerdiverter means you’ll be able to buy a smaller battery storage system as you will be storing a good percentage of your systems generation as hot water. This will provide you with the lowest cost energy storage solution with the best payback.

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Energy Management

We are leading the way helping PV customers manage their renewable energy in the most efficient ways possible. Powerdiverter automatically prioritises your home for the power as its generated and will start diverting any excess power to your hot water storage tank automatically which stores this power as hot water for when you need it. Now that the Feed In Tariffs are dropping it is important to utilise all of the power your system generates. For this reason Powerdiverter should now be an essential part of your PV system.